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Teak Farm Photos in Costa Rica

Teak is a highly valued wood that grows in tropical climates, and is used for fine furniture and construction.

Vesteca Investments asked me to photograph one of the teak farms they manage.  I enjoyed the assignment as it was off the beaten path for me.  We drove down the coast, through a river, and up a hill to reach this farm.


The focus of this shoot was to show teak trees in the planting stage, so the teak trees were just babies.  They are first cultivated in a garden until they reach the size above.





After careful care and watering, the plants are transplated from the garden to the hillside itself.

Next, workers individually plant each baby teak tree by digging a hole with a shovel and placing the baby teak tree inside.





All in all, the crew seemed pretty happy to show off their work for the camera!  Here is a posed shot of the whole crew.


All in all, this half-day trip was a fun and successful photo shoot of the planting stage at a teak farm.

You can learn more about investing in teak farms with Vesteca at www.vesteca.com.

*New!*  We also created a promotional video about this teak farm.  View it online at Vimeo or below.

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