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My Pre-Wedding Questionnaire for Chicago Brides & Grooms

or, *How A Pre-Wedding Questionnaire Can Make Your Photography Experience Totally Amazing*


If you’ve worked with me in the past, you know that I love sending all of my wedding clients a few questions to consider and reply to me before the wedding.

This pretty little ditty is a couple easy pages that covers everything from specific photo-ops you may want to smaller things like whether you prefer coffee over chocolate, wine or whiskey, or vice versa.

This questionnaire is one of my tools to help deliver a wedding photography experience that is totally awesome, and incredibly easy.

As your photographer, this step helps make sure I’ve “dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s” of what I should know when planning for your wedding photos and am as prepared as can be – but what’s in it for you? How can my questionnaire help make your photography experience one you’ll remember forever?  

Chicago Wedding Photography planning by Oriana Fowler

1. Make Sure You Get The Photos You Want


Firstly, this helps make sure you get the photos you want.  At this point you and I have already talked in person about style + location and the questionnaire is a follow-up.

But are there extended family, special groupings, unexpected details, and anything else you might want to tell me about the photos that are sparked by this follow-up?  Brides especially love that I list suggested family groupings, and make it easy to capture your formal shot list.  My job is capturing your wedding day and reducing a little bit of that nuptial stress that happens to the best of us, and this helps! 

It’s my responsibility to make sure I get the exact shots you were looking for and mapping them out in the questionnaire, while gathering a list of family names helps you and me both know that we are on the same page! 



2. Mentally Walk Through Your Wedding Day


I reiterate some of the information we’ve already probably talked about – where you are getting ready, how many people are coming, family member names, and other details.  This allows you to review it all and let me know if there have been any updates.  It only takes you a few minutes and will end up being a breath of fresh air in your wedding planning.

Along with confirming some important logistics, I ask a couple questions to give you an opportunity to mentally walk through your wedding day with me as your guide. I can give my suggestions for what may work best and where to personalize.  

While you’re walking through your own perspective of the day, I am following along with you.  I have a clear overview of the day long before I even arrive at the scene. You can relax knowing that I am totally ready to get the best photos of your ceremony, celebration, and people who love you! 



3. Get Creative With It


Okay, so you might think that asking whether you prefer chocolate over coffee or wine over whiskey is irrelevant to your wedding day – but there’s a method to the madness! 😉 

The slightly off topic questions are there for a few reasons – including to help unleash your creative side!  I like throwing in a few light-hearted questions for you to have fun answering.  This process – along with taking your mind temporarily off of your wedding day and tap into the bigger picture of you and your partner – has helped a lot of brides and grooms in the past get creative with their photo-ops!

One of my brides was writing that she and her fiance both grew up on a ranch and love horseback riding. This ended up sparking an idea in her to bring her favorite pair of cowboy boots to dance in!

The possibilities for creativity in photos are endless.  Getting your mind onto other subjects for a few questions can help unlock a more personal side of you and make the whole process that much more fun.

It also gives me a better idea of how I can customize any gifts or extras for you along the way. 😉


A Few Questions Can Make All The Difference!

Chicago wedding photographer Oriana Fowler provides wedding questionnaire for joyful photography

The wedding questionnaire might be practical and logical for me as a photographer but it was designed with you in mind as you plan this beautiful AMAZING event called a wedding.  I love finding any way possible to reduce the stress during wedding planning.  I also love knowing that my photography experiences for each couple is personal and individual.

With a few thoughtful questions and follow-up, I am able to learn more about you, provide guidance, and make sure we are on the same page. 

Which means we’ll be able to have an amazing time working together – and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your wedding photos will be absolutely just right for you!

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